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Water Heaters and Other Products

Cold showers seem to be reserved for the hottest of summer days, when temperatures and humidity are too high and we are looking for a way to cool down.  However, before plumbing was even invented, this was the only way someone could take a shower because they used waterfalls to get themselves clean.  Skip ahead to today, and warm to hot water temperatures in our daily showers are commonplace.  They have truthfully become a relaxing part of our everyday routines and are comfortable to say the least.

Water heaters are devices that function to heat water and also to store it.  Losing the functionality of your water heater during the winter months can mean more than just cold showers for your commercial or residential property.  When extreme cold strikes, freezing temperatures mean that you will most likely fall victim to frozen pipes.  Frozen pipes can lead to the complete halt of water flow in your business or home:  no working toilet, no working sink, no laundry duty, etc.  When you call the professionals at Dickenschrauf Plumbing, we will schedule an appointment and follow through promptly and efficiently to get your plumbing back in excellent running condition.

In 2015, new minimum standards for efficiency of residential water heaters set by the United States Department of Energy were put into effect.  Can you really trust a salesman at a depot when that is not his or her specialty?  Dickenschlauf is a team of plumbers, so in addition to our excellent customer service on residential and commercial plumbing jobs, we are also updated on the newest standards and updates; and are stocked with high quality water heaters and other plumbing products.